About Me

About Me

Photography was an early love of mine.  As a child I had a little green plastic camera that clipped over one side of a 35mm cartridge.  The camera’s viewfinder was created by folding out two delicate plastic rectangles – it was not designed to last!

I didn’t get much pocket money as a child so had to carefully consider each frame that I shot which often meant not developing a roll of film for weeks or even months.  I moved on to using a ‘proper camera’, a Minolta SLR for GCSE and A-Level which I still had to use sparingly.  Digital has changed all that, but it’s still a useful reminder that each and every shot should count – more isn’t necessarily better!

At the same time as loving photography, I also had a passion for problem-solving and technical design.  My family is made up of artists on my mother’s side and engineers on my dad’s.  I opted for the technical route and left University with a Masters degree in Mechanical Design Engineering.

Following many happy years in Engineering working for a variety of large and small design and manufacturing companies, I needed a change.  These days I’m out and about, meeting nice people and finally have a dog.  And obviously, taking pictures..!

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