Hamburg weekend

Hamburg weekend

This made me smile…

I’ve just had a delightful weekend in Hamburg, my first sight-seeing trip to a German city.

The biggest surprise was the quantity and variety of interesting architecture, from round towers to ‘wonky’ apartments, and the new ‘spiky’ Elbphilamonie theatre.

Hamburg ‘Round apartments’
Hamburg ‘Twisted Apartments’

The Hamburg Harbour Festival – 829 years celebrated, was this past weekend and OMG, there were food and drink outlets galore.

Vodka stand
Smoking salmon
Sweets & nuts

Although the harbour itself is nearly 70miles from the coast,  every man, woman, child and dog, tall ships, war ships, dinghys and boats were there, with most out on the water a couple of times a day as a parade Рit looked like chaos!

German Sea King helicopter
Tall ships
Small craft chaos